Upholstery Cleaning in the Willis, Conroe & Montgomery, TX areas

Upholstery cleaning is something that most people need once in a while. Whether you have kids, pets or rambunctious friends you usually have spills to deal with. The biggest reason to have your upholstery cleaned is that in addition to spills, it's likely to build up a layer of dirt and grime over the years. Our specially trained technicians use steam extraction and a soft brush to loosen trapped soils, dirt and allergens from fabrics and will leave your furniture looking newer, fresher and healthier look and feel.

Upholstery consists of many fabrics, some of which can be sensitive to various chemicals. We specifically train our technicians how to handle these fabrics and use the correct cleaning solutions for them. Upholstery cleaning is the process of using water and cleaning chemicals to clean a variety of materials commonly used in furniture, such as leather, vinyl and fabrics. It is also an alternative for reupholstering or replacing furniture, carpets, or flooring.

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